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Sunday Service at 10:30 a.m.

Maimi Shores Community Church Historical Marker

MSCC evolved from a Pump House for the village water system established in 1925 to a baptismal font in one of the most elaborate sanctuaries in the area.


We are the light at the heart of the community...

We invite you to be part of this community of faith and to experience firsthand what a welcoming and inclusive congregation feels like. We invite you to Miami Shores United Church of Christ to worship with us, study with us, serve the community with us, and grow spiritually with us. Our vision is to be an inclusive, alive, vibrant and witnessing community that takes on the Way of Christ as our guiding principles of faith. As an Open and Affirming Congregation, we welcome everyone regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Come worship with us!



Protect the environment. 

Care for the poor. 

Embrace diversity.

Reject racism. Forgive often. 

Love God. Fight for the powerless.

Share earthly and spiritual resources.

Enjoy this life.

MSCC Sanctuary 

Established 1949

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