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Music at Miami Shores Community Church


Music at MSCC is an element of our worship that is very important to this faith community.  The musical styles used in our worship reflect the broad spectrum of diversity of our congregation.  Music in worship is intended not to entertain the congregation.  Rather, our Music Ministry strives to inspire, involve, and engage the congregation in hymns, psalms, spiritual songs, and instrumental music.   We sing traditional hymns with organ.  We sing traditional Spirituals and contemporary Gospel music using the piano.  We welcome Contemporary Praise Music. We are a multi-lingual congregation and we sing in Spanish as well as other languages from time to time.   Miami Shores Community Church Music Ministry offers something for singers, bell-ringers, and wee-singers. 



Do you play a musical instrument at your school?  Do you study an instrument (other than voice) with a private teacher?   Have you been playing for a long time and would like to lend your gifts to the good of the Community?   We welcome you to share your talent on a Sunday morning.  Please speak with Andrew Krystopolski after Service or email


The Chancel Choir

The Chancel Choir of Miami Shores Community Church is a group of mostly volunteer singers who lend their voices to enhance the beauty of the Worship Service. Our stalwart volunteer choir members comprise a broad spectrum of musical ability.  We are blessed to have in our choir, 4 professional singers (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass) who help to lead each section of the choir and sing occasional solos.      

Membership in the choir is open to those (16 yrs. and older) who express a love of singing to inspire worship, those who work well with others, and the ability to match pitch. While it is understood that everyone approaches sight reading music with different levels of experience, but with the help of our professional singers, one should find it a little easier to follow.  Extra help is always available to any choir member who asks.  I you have never sung in a choir before, we are grateful and privileged to be you first choral experience. 

Rehearsals are held Wednesday evenings from 7:30 to 9:00 in the church.  Singers who plan to sing with us for service on Sunday morning, but cannot attend Wednesday rehearsals, should be sure to arrive on time for Sunday morning warm-up and rehearsal at 9:45am. Our choir sings weekly for the 10:30 worship service.  Our choral anthem repertoire spans from Bach chorales, choral “war-horses” from the early 20th Century to current composers of the 21st Century.  Sopranos, altos, basses and tenors are always welcome. If you are interested in singing with us, please email Andrew Krystopolski at to arrange for an informal audition.

The Balcony Bells

Our Bell Choir always welcomes more ringers! Bell choir is for the young and old alike. The Bell Choir adds an ethereal element of sound to our service with their sweet sounds ringing from our rear gallery. Directed by Will McCurdy, the "Balcony Bells" rehearse every Wednesday from 6:30-7:25, before choir rehearsal.  Our Bell Choir performs 5 times a year. [Usually the end of October, Christmas Eve, Sunday before Ash Wednesday, Easter Sunday, and Music Recognition Sunday in June].  This is the ideal music ministry for the person who is not really a singer and is not so keen on how to read music.  Our "highlighter note system" makes it easy for just about anyone to follow the music.  Please email for more information.



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